Quality Systems

 Wilson Irrigation, Austin

A properly installed sprinkler system should work from 10 to 15 years without major problems; therefore, it is critical that a sprinkler system be installed properly and includes only quality components.

Remember: Once a sprinkler system is "in the ground", it is much more difficult (and expensive) to correct major problems than the cost to have it installed properly the first time. 

The two primary requirements for a quality lawn sprinkler system are Reliability and Proper Installation


Wilson Irrigation has installed over 8,000 sprinkler systems since 1984. With installations ranging in size from $500 to over $75,000, we have the experience to deal with your specific needs. 

Our installation customers include high profile businesses in the Austin area such as IBM, The University of Texas and the Round Rock Independent School District; however, Our main focus is you - The homeowner